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Debt solutions subject to conditions and acceptance. Credit rating may be affected

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Repaying debt over longer may increase the total amount to be repaid

Scottish debt solutions

There are a range of options for tackling debt, some of which have been introduced by the Scottish Government. Talk to us on 0800 505 3848 and find out how we could help you.

Trust Deed

Repay what you can afford for four years, and write off the rest on successful completion

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Reduce your monthly payments and prevent action from lenders, as long as you stick to your side of the agreement

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A form of bankruptcy for people with few valuable assets and between £1500 and £17,000 of debt.

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About Debt Advisory Centre Scotland

We have many years' experience of helping people find their way out of debt.

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Getting the help you need with your debts

If you're worried about your debts, it's important that you don't delay getting help. The longer you leave it, the more time there is for problems to develop.

Call us on 0800 505 3848 for a chat with one of our friendly advisors. They'll talk you through all the options for tackling debt and help you decide which one best meets your needs.

In the meantime, here's a quick introduction to some of the debt solutions we provide.

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

The Debt Arrangement Scheme was introduced by the Scottish government to help people with unaffordable debt repayments. Under the Debt Arrangement Scheme you'll have your own Debt Payment Programme (DPP) - an affordable repayment plan for your unsecured debts, ensuring you also have room for your secured debts and essential living costs.

If your lenders agree to this, you'll be protected against further action from them, as long as you keep up with your payments.

You will still repay your debts in full, just more slowly - so your credit rating will be affected in the medium to long term.

Learn more about DAS

Trust Deed

A Trust Deed writes off the unsecured debt you can't afford, as long as you repay as much as you can for (normally) four years. You'll make one affordable monthly payment to us, from which we'll pass on your agreed payments to each lender.

If your Trust Deed is accepted by your lenders (which isn't guaranteed) and becomes Protected, it will give you legal protection against further action from your unsecured lenders. But there will be an impact on your credit rating in the medium to long term – and if you fail to meet your Trust Deed commitments there is a risk of bankruptcy. Plus, if you're a homeowner, you may have to release equity from your property.

While you are in a Protected Trust Deed, your name will be on the Register of Insolvencies.

Learn more about Trust Deeds

Debt consolidation

There are a number of ways to consolidate debt. 'Debt consolidation' can be used to refer to any solution that combines your monthly debt repayments into one and makes them easier to manage.

Different types of debt consolidation work in different ways, but they are all designed to make your monthly repayments easier to manage; although this will often mean it takes longer to repay your debt, so it may cost you more.

Learn more about debt consolidation

Debt management plan

A debt management plan is an informal agreement between you and your lenders for affordable payments towards your unsecured debts. It works in a very similar way to DAS, but it's not legally binding and your lenders don't have to freeze interest, so repaying your debts can cost you more in the long run. Since you're not repaying your debts as originally agreed, it'll have an impact on your credit rating in the medium to long term.

Learn more about debt management plans


Bankruptcy is a legal process that writes off the unsecured debt you can't afford to repay, normally after a year. However, you might have to make affordable payments towards your debt for three years.

Please be aware that bankruptcy is a serious step with long-lasting consequences - and it could cost you your home, if you own it.

Learn more about bankruptcy


MAP is a form of bankruptcy for people with no spare money to make any payments towards their unsecured lenders, or benefit only income and have relatively few assets and who don't own, or jointly own, property or land (MAP stands for Minimal Asset Process). It has lower application costs and a simplified process compared with full bankruptcy and it lasts for 6 months instead of 12, although some restrictions will continue for 6 months after discharge.

Note that entering bankruptcy will affect your credit rating in the short to medium term and could also affect it in the long term.

Learn more about MAP

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To find out more about managing your money and getting free debt advice, visit Money Advice Service, an independent service set up to help people manage their money.

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Debt solutions subject to conditions and acceptance. Credit rating may be affected

Fees payable if continuing services provided.

Repaying debt over longer may increase the total amount to be repaid

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